April 22nd, International Mother Earth Day: A Healthy Nutrition That Fosters Microbiota’s Biodiversity – The Best Way To Help The Planet

May 11, 2021

International Mother Earth Day

The expression “Mother Earth” was officialized because it is her that nourishes us. On the United Nations’ website dedicated to the topic, we can read about current problematics: industrialization, pollution, earth transformation, massive migrations, poverty, new infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and global warming. Although the link between the environment and our health is explained, the nutrition issue is mentioned only once. The United Nations refer to political agendas and invite everyone to “do its part of the job” to improve the situation, as if the individual roadmap was obvious to know and apply. As it isn’t, what can be done?

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Fostering Biodiversity By Defending The Earth

Biodiversity applies to every living being: plants, animals and micro-organisms. However, the latter are often forgotten. Are micro-organisms in a good condition? Are they less important? Their biodiversity depletes as it is the case for animals and for plants. The reason is the same: industrialization. It is correct to see planet Earth as a source of nourishment, but two closer and more accessible things nourish us. First, ourselves; second, gut microbiota. The latter transforms up to 70% of our nutrition.

Gut Microbiota

Gut microbiota is also known as intestinal flora. More than 1000 species and living bacteria inhabit our guts. We owe them our good digestion, immunity, nervous system and health performance. They play an essential role in preserving our health.

In 2019, Sylvie Longean brought up the question in Le Temps: “What if we preserved our microbiota’s biodiversity – that is billion of bacteria, viruses, parasites and non-pathogenic mushrooms that live in our gut – to the same extent that we try to safeguard our environment?”

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Eating For Nourishing The Microbiota

The doctor and nutritionist Michel Golay, founder of Atheltica, a health center based in Geneva, stated that “we do not eat for ourselves but for preserving our microbiota instead”. In order to safeguard our health, we need to keep a balance that ensures nutritious needs. In his book “Building Our Health”, the doctor explains the reasons and components of a healthy nutrition. Understanding and applying a healthy nutrition means consuming fairly for our health and for the planet.

“Help yourself and the sky will help you”. To contribute to a general improvement, we will need a lot of energy. Little changes in our behavior can have a great impact. The Athletica perspective takes into account the aptitude to change and enables an improvement in vitality. We feel really well with an optimized nutrition combined with an adapted physical activity that activates our nervous system. These are the two axis of Atheltica’s method.

We are relaying this article that comes from the scientific magazine Gut Microbiota for Health. It explains the loss in microbiota biodiversity, the impact and the solutions considered.

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