Lon[h]ea is not intended to replace medicine: it is complementary, when medicine reaches its limits, relieves pain without making it go away, represents heavy therapies with drugs or operations, undesirable side effects and risks.

Whether it’s optimising your health, treating a problem or improving your athletic performance, the Lon[h]ea Centres’ biggest concerns are your results and well-being.
Lon[h]ea SA has developed a very precise method of health assessment and stimulation with assimilable loads. This method is applied by a team of Lon[h]ea experts and high-tech equipment. “Not only to prevent illness or injury, but to develop one’s most precious asset, health. “

We define health as the plasticity, adaptability and evolutionary capacity of the body. We work mainly on two axes

the autonomic nervous system and the microbiota
Stimulation, preparation and recovery with precise and personalised programmes of adapted physical activity, nutrition and manual practices
We define unique programs that you will master to progress without injury, whatever your reference and goals. The programs are available at a Lon[h]ea Centre or remotely with MyLon[h]ea app.
Its origin
Dr Michel Golay’s father is a Swiss ski champion. Michel started his career as a professional footballer. After an injury, he became a doctor but did not appreciate a system that made patients dependent. The word patient (from the Greek “pathos”) means one who suffers passively. People are made to believe that they are ill. However, these disorders are often functional disorders, which can be improved without drugs and operations. Michel has worked as a chiropractor and a nutritionist for more than 30 years, serving more than 30’000 patients.
He became the sports physician of Martina Hingis, Marc Rosset and the Swiss Davis Cup team, among other sports champions in various disciplines who attended his first centre in Geneva, Switzerland, established in 1997. In order to win all the titles these athletes can’t get sick or injured.

Stimulation of the nervous system through adapted physical activity and nutrition are the main axes of the method.

In 2020, Dr. Michel Golay decides with three other founders to create the company Lon[h]ea SA with the purpose of duplicating the centre created in Geneva by integrating his methodology of health management. The Lon[h]ea licensing system is set up to allow sports centres, medical centres or resorts to i

The complete training of the Lon[h]ea methodology
The establishment of a complete Lon[hea centre
A health candidate management platform with :
  • the health score
  • le suivi online, online follow-up managed directly by the health candidate and the health professional who follows him/her
  • connectivity with test and training equipment
A network of specialists and renowned coaches/

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